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Please read Terms and Condition as your acceptance of quotation, deposit and/or letting install teams on site is taken as acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

Carpets, vinyl and floating floor coverings are not prescribed under the Home Building legislation in NSW but are subject to implied ACL (Australian Consumer Law) statutory warranties provisions. However, they often form part of the residential building contract and would be considered to be defective if not installed to the manufacturer’s installation instructions and a breach of implied statutory warranty provisions of ACL.

Terms and Conditions: Wal Piddington Carpets Pty Ltd ABN: 34059737003 t/as Piddington Carpets may be referred to as, “We”, ‘’Our”, “Us” or “Piddingtons”. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions of trade are to be interpreted as excluding, restricting or modifying the consumers right under Australian Consumer Laws.

Please feel free to discuss any unclear points in these Terms and Conditions if necessary.

1 Estimations and Quotations

  1. It is the customers responsibility to check estimations, quotations and invoices to ensure areas, product, colour choice etc are correct. Once all details are correct, estimation will be converted to a quotation.

  2. Any subsequent changes after quotation will be subject to additional costs for services or products required e.g. product change, floor preparation etc. Changes will be advised for approval.

  3. Product and colour choices are solely that of the customers. Piddingtons do not take responsibility for incorrect colour/product selections. It is up to the customer to ensure the product suits their needs.

  4. Colours are to be chosen by seeing the products in person as variances can occur in example photographs.  

  5. All measurements are the property of Piddington Carpets and will not be handed out once quotation is completed.

  6. By accepting the quotation either digitally, in writing or verbally, you, the customer is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

  7. Clear and safe access is needed for sales reps to accurately measure the requested areas and bring sample products in and out of the areas. Piddingtons reserves the right cancelled/postponed an appointment if the site is deemed unsafe.

  8. Once the quote is accepted, Piddingtons will contact the customer regarding available installation dates. Installation dates will not be held, given, promised, or scheduled without a customer acceptance of the quotation.

  9. No additional costs will be charged to the customer without their approval. At the time of quotation, Piddingtons will conduct an inspection of the floors and inform the customer of any defects visible at the time. If defects are not visible or brought to our attention, Piddingtons will inform the customer of the possibility of addition costs being incurred if defects are found at the commencement of installation. It is entirely up to the customer to approve additional works, Piddington Carpets reserve the rights to cease work until the appropriate corrections or alternations are made.

  10. Quotations are confidential in nature. All reasonable effort is made to ensure the quotation is accurate. However, unforeseen circumstances, incomplete information, misinterpretation, variations, and extras that affect the products cost or service may incur additional charges.

  11. All estimations and quotations are valid for 30 days from date of issue.

  12. All estimations and quotations include Goods and Services Tax (GST).

  13. Any variations to the agreement requested by the customer may increase the original agreed upon price and will require a new quotation and approval.

  14. Consumer guarantees under the ACL require goods match any description or sample and be reasonably fit for their common or any specified purposes, acceptable in appearance or finish, safe and durable. Consumer guarantees also require that they be rendered with due care and skill and be completed by a reasonable time. The customer must specify any particular purpose for the products or services prior to quotation.

  15. The customer must check and confirm the product is fit for the customers purpose.

  16. The customer must specify what the products should achieve prior to the quotation, the products must be of a nature, quality, state or condition that would be expected to achieve that purpose.

  17. Please feel free to discuss any unclear points in these Terms and Conditions if necessary.   

2 Payments

  1. Total invoice payments must be made within 3 days prior to installation. Piddingtons reserves the right to postpone installations until full payments of invoice have been made.

  2. Payment must be made via the specified method on our invoice: Bank Transfer, Cash, Bank Cheque or Credit Card (excluding American Express).

  3. Invoices for non-stocked specialty ordered products are to be paid for in full before stock will be ordered.

  4. Piddington Carpets will not release stock without full payment for supply only products.

  5. If the customer defaults in payment by due date, Piddingtons may, without prejudice to any other remedy available to it, charge the customer for all costs and expenses resulting from the default including debt collection fees, commissions, and fees.

  6. Collection charges, legal expenses and commissions incurred in attempting to recover payment shall be payable by the customer.

  7. Title ownership of goods will not pass to the customer until full payment.

  8. Please feel free to discuss any unclear points in these Terms and Conditions if necessary.  

3 Floor Preparations

  1. At their own expense, the customer must uplift any existing floor coverings and clear the area on which the floor coverings are to be laid, including moving of furniture and electrical appliances (any disconnecting and reconnecting required) unless these services are specifically noted as included in the quoted price.

  2. Due to health risks, install teams will not take up and dispose of existing flooring that is contaminated with either animal or human urine, faeces, blood, vomit, bodily fluids or environmental hazards etc. It is the customers responsibility to take up, dispose, clean and disinfect the floor prior to installations.

  3. Due to health risks Piddingtons will not dispose of carpet or flooring uplifted by the customer.  

  4. Piddingtons will notify the customer where floors are improperly prepared or defective. It will be the responsibility of the customer to carry out such rectification work as required before installations will commence.

  5. Piddingtons cannot be responsible for works completed in preparation of flooring installations such as plastering, electrical, plumbing, waterproofing, painting etc. If the products recommended (such as scotia or trims) cannot be utilised due to poor workmanship by other trades, the matter will need to be rectified with said trades responsible prior to installation commencing.

  6. If the scope of work includes take up of existing floor covering, we cannot ascertain the quality of the sub floor until after the completion of the take up and will determine if any floor prep is required. Unless specified in our quote no allowance has been made for floor preparation. Customers are liable for any additional costs which must be paid in full before floor preparation commences.

  7. Work will cease immediately if the safety of our install teams cannot be guaranteed including sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles, linoleum or underlay is suspected of asbestos. It is the customers responsibility to have this tested and removed at no costs to Piddingtons. Work will commence once safe to do so.

  8. It is the customers responsibility to notify Piddingtons of any hidden wires under the existing flooring prior to pulling up the existing flooring.

  9. Drying times for liquid leveller are determined on factors such as air temperature, humidity, thickness, quantity, air ventilation etc. Piddingtons endeavour to allow adequate times for completions of works. Delays may occur outside of our control.

  10. Care will be taken while preparing floors for install, dust will be present and settle. Even after install, cleaning will be required.

  11. The customer is solely responsible for their own floor preparations if floor preparation is not quoted and/or invoiced. Piddington Carpets cannot warrant product warranties, performance and/or installation on customers own floor preparations.

  12. The term ‘Floor Preparation’ is general in nature with requirements specific to each installation. Piddington Carpets uses different floor preparation products required specifically for each individual install.  

  13. It is up to the customer to check what the specific requirements of the product they have purchased are if they are completing their own floor preparation.

  14. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the areas where liquid based products are being used is adequately sealed. These products include liquid based leveller, glues, primers and caulking. Piddington’s cannot be held responsible for leaking and any affected areas due to poor sealing.

  15. Please feel free to discuss any unclear points in these Terms and Conditions if necessary.      

4 Installation & Onsite Policy

  1. Piddingtons will make every effort to complete the work by the estimated date of installation but cannot be held responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond our control or safety, in this case we will complete the work as soon as reasonably possible.

  2. Work WILL NOT commence nor continue if we deem the worksite unsafe or if the safety cannot be guaranteed for the duration of the install. This includes unhygienic environment, inhospitable and/or general health threatening work sites.

  3. Piddington Carpets cannot be responsible for an Act of God, accident, or event resulting from natural causes without human intervention, one that could not have been prevented by reasonable foresight or care. Natural hazards outside human control such as earthquake or tsunami, floods, weather conditions or natural disasters are out of Piddingtons control, and we will not be held responsible for any damage or delays caused.

  4. Although reasonable skill and care will be exercised; Piddingtons will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage occasioned in the moving of household effects, nor for damage caused to said household effects, walls, existing walls, existing floors, skirting boards, paintwork or other areas through the process. Though the installer will take all normal precautions when new flooring is installed, it may be necessary for the customer to touch up the aforementioned areas after installations.

  5. An expansion gap is required for all floating flooring installations around the perimeter of each room. Expansion gaps are hidden by trims, scotia, quadding or skirting boards. Caulking expansion gaps or not leaving expansion gaps will void all manufacturers warranties. Expansion gaps may vary in size and it is up to the customer to use appropriate skirting to cover these gaps. Piddingtons cannot be held responsible for moulding size differences.

  6. All colour choices need to be finalised and confirmed NO LATER than 7 days prior to installation commencing.

  7. Scope of work cannot be changed on the day of the installation. Any changes need to be submitted via email to Piddingtons. Changes can take 2 weeks or more to be actioned and additional costs will incur.

  8. The team at Piddington Carpets have the right to work in a safe workplace. There is a zero tolerance for abusive or threatening behaviour towards any of our team.

  9. All goods are installed to manufacturers specifications by experienced carpet and flooring installers.

  10. Installations of all types of flooring involves contact with skirting, doors, wall, architraves and any internal surfaces and although all care will be taken, Piddingtons will not accept responsibility for any marks or damage thereof. Where possible, installation should be delayed until such time that fresh paint is cured. If intending to paint skirting boards, we highly recommend doing so after flooring installation.

  11. Clear and safe access is needed for installers to bring products in and out of the areas, installers will not carry heavy materials up ladders or across gang planks.

  12. Placement of floor covering joints are the discretion of Piddington unless otherwise specified. Refer to clause 8.3 for further information.

  13. Under no circumstances will Piddingtons installers disconnect or move gas heaters, stoves, phone points or any other appliances or fixtures that require a plumber, electrician or other suitable suitably qualified technicians. Failure to do so will result in installations delays and possible call back charges.

  14. It is the customers responsibility to organise removal of pianos, fridges, TV’s, TV units, stoves, aquariums, pool tables, water beds, grandfather clocks, antiques, breakables, bedding, draperies or anything that is fragile.

  15. All furniture and personal items are to be removed by the customer from the area new flooring is being installed unless a request for Piddingtons to handle it for an additional charge. Whilst all care will be taken, should furniture require to be moved, Piddingtons cannot be held responsible for any damage to the items, the functionality of items or damage to surrounding areas in the moving process. Our flooring installers are not trained furniture removalists.

  16. In the event furniture removal has not been organised, work will cease.

  17. Areas to be installed must be free of all other trades people to insure proper installation.

  18. If we are required to return to finish your installation due to other works not being completed an additional call out fee of $189 incl. GST may be charged.

  19. The customer shall provide, without expense to Piddingtons, safe and proper access to the site including adequate light, water, amenities and electricity for the completion of services.  If adequate services or amenities are not available to the install team this will cause delays in the installation process and additional costs. Work will not commence or continue if safety is compromise.

  20. Over large areas connect trims will have to be fitted to allow for expansion. These trims are not obtrusive, but they will be noticeable and come in set sizes.

  21. Each flooring install is custom and installations arrival times can vary. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to determine what time the installers will arrive on the date of install. Please plan for an adult to be at the jobsite for the duration of install.

  22. At the completion of the install, the customer must walk through the finished install with the team to ensure they are satisfied with the final product.

  23. Dust, carpet fibre debris or residue may be present after installation. Installers do not vacuum or mop once installation is complete, this should be done as a part of the customers inspection of floor.

  24. Carpet with joint must not be vacuumed for 24 hours after install to give the join time to cool and settle.

  25. Requests for installers to remove their shoes whilst inside the property will be denied due to WH&S regulations.

  26. Should we require to glue smooth edge in lieu of nailing due to concrete hardness this will incur an extra cost.

  27. Access must be given at the scheduled time of install or alternatively keys or access codes must be provided prior to the scheduled install date.

  28. Suitable parking must be made available to the installers ensuring a safe entry for carrying heavy equipment.

  29. Installers take excess stock to site as a contingency and is the property of Piddington Carpets. Excess stock must return with installers unless invoiced and purchased by the customers.

  30. Please feel free to discuss any unclear points in these Terms and Conditions if necessary.  

5 General Terms and Conditions

  1. If the sale is a result of an unsolicited contact, the customer has 10 business days to change their mind and cancel their order UNLESS goods have been specifically ordered to cut sizes.

  2. Flooring being installed in an above ground level we recommend checking with the body corporate as the strata laws may prohibit hard flooring in living areas and bedrooms. We hold no responsibility should the customer not seek approval.

  3. Any hybrid flooring to be installed above ground level has a sound reducing underlay attached to each plank. We cannot guarantee that it will completely deaden noise transfer to the room below, factors such as the thickness of the slab will also impact the acoustic level.

  4. Piddingtons can give contact details of sub-contractors who can carry out skirting board installations. Please note the cost and payment for this scope of works is between you, the customer, and the subcontractor. Piddington Carpets take no responsibility for the work carried out.

  5. Stock items sold as ‘supply only’ may be exchanged for another colour within 7 days of purchase if goods are in unopened and undamaged packaging. Opened products will not be exchanged. Special ordered or carpet will not be exchanged due to change of mind.

  6. We reserve the right to use photos of the premises we have supplied or installed for the purpose of advertising, estimating and quoting.

  7. Piddingtons reserve the right to add to or amend these terms and conditions.

  8. Any work caried out by a third party after flooring installation is complete that will affect the floor eg prevent the floor from expanding will void warranty. This applies to any work completed in the future which may affect the original floor laid by Piddingtons.

  9. No liability or responsibility is accepted by Piddingtons for the incorrect colour selection of any product. All colours chosen are outlined in quotes and invoices. It is the duty of the customer to ensure all invoices and/or quotes reflect the colour chosen no later than 5 business days prior to the install date. Colours are to be chosen by seeing the products in person as variances can occur in example photographs.

  10. Piddington Carpets is not a 24-hour service. All phone calls, emails and messages will be answered within business hours.

  11. Correspondence with customers will be given in a timely manner once information is received.

  12. Due to wear and tear of used carpet tiles, we recommend getting them professionally cleaned after install.

  13. Customer should check all internal and external door clearance to see if it needs to be trimmed before installation. We accept no responsibility for doors not closing or rubbing on the new flooring surface. This is a carpenter’s job not the responsibility of Piddingtons.

  14. Piddingtons will not accept responsibility for work completed by other trades or services recommended by Piddingtons.

  15. Any advice, recommendations or information is given in good faith. Piddingtons accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage or loss suffered by the customer because of reliance on advice, recommendations or information given.

  16. In circumstances where the customer has paid a sub-contractor directly Piddington Carpets cannot be held responsible for work completed by sub-contractor.

  17. Please feel free to discuss any unclear points in these Terms and Conditions if necessary.     

6 Delivery

  1. All goods ordered for delivery must be paid for in full prior to or upon collection or delivery.

  2. It is the customers responsibility to ensure there is an appropriate storage area which is dry and secure. If the point of delivery is unattended, Piddingtons will leave goods in a place deemed safe at the discretion of either Piddingtons or the customer and take no responsibility for damage or theft.

  3. Delivery charges will be notified to the customer if applicable. These charges may depend on location, size, weight and quantity of products ordered.

  4. In the event Piddingtons is required to deliver stock urgently or any requirement for team to work outside of normal business hours including but not limited to working through lunch breaks, weekends and/or public holidays, Piddingtons reserves the right to charge customer additional costs.

  5. Upon receipt of order payment, deliveries can take between 2-10 business days.

  6. We do not accept responsibility for unexpected delays outside of our controls. If there are unexpected delays, we will notify you as soon as we are aware. Delays will not attract any discounts.

  7. If customer refuses acceptance of goods on agreed upon delivery date, an additional storage and redelivery fee will be charged. Any additional fees must be paid for in full prior to goods being delivered.

  8. The delivery time quoted by Piddingtons is an estimate only and we cannot be held responsible for delays, industrial action, strikes or manufacturing delays. It is not unfair for Piddingtons to offer substitution products to the same quality or similar colours.

  9. Please feel free to discuss any unclear points in these Terms and Conditions if necessary.  

7 Cancellation

  1. Should the customer cancel an order prior to work commencing, they are liable for any costs incurred in returning goods to the manufacturer.

  2. Piddingtons reserves the right to retain part, or all the customers payment should the customer cancel the contract once work has commenced.

  3. Orders for goods custom cut and/or specifically ordered cannot be cancelled or refunded. Nonstock/specifically ordered items cannot be returned for credit. This includes over ordering of nonstock/specifically ordered items. This does not apply where Piddingtons is found to be in breach of the agreement or any of the implied statutory warranties under State and Commonwealth consumer protection legislation.

  4. In the event that Piddingtons is unable to supply all the order, any payment made by the customer in relation to supply will be refunded.

  5. Cancellation by the customer after the material has been cut or specially ordered, the customer agrees to pay liquidated damages of the total product price.

  6. Please feel free to discuss any unclear points in these Terms and Conditions if necessary.    

8 Product Characteristics

  1. Some cut pile carpets may exhibit tan appearance changes of random light and dark areas after installation. This is known as shading, pile reversal or pile crush. This is not a manufacturing defect and neither the manufacturer nor Piddingtons can accept claim.

  2. Shade or pattern may vary from samples and within production runs due to normal dye lot variations but will be within recognised by all industry standards. This is not a manufacturing fault.

  3. ACL’s consumer guarantees require that the sample is used in the supply of goods, match the sample in quality, customers have a reasonable opportunity to compare the goods with the sample and goods will be free from hidden defects that the consumer was not aware of at the time of sale.

  4. Consumer protection agencies recognise that using natural materials can lead to differences between samples and the goods supplied eg shading or piling of carpet caused by unavoidable differences in the wool, colouring of wood flooring caused by different levels of sunlight exposure.

  5. The installed product may differ from the sample. Colour variations within the sample, panel to panel can be extreme eg timber is likely to change colour dramatically when exposed to UV light. The panel may appear different from the pack, box or roll.

  6. All joins/seams are carried out to Australian Standards. Joins are not invisible and may peak under stress. Long joins in large well-lit rooms will not be invisible. Peaking occurs with all aspects of carpet and can take up to 10 weeks to settle down. Some carpet joins are more noticeable, there may be the appearance of shade difference between carpet on either side of the join caused by light. The customer acknowledges that these do not indicate an installation or manufacturing defect. The quality of the carpet chosen by the customer plays a part in the final result.

  7. Second hand, Discontinued, Remnants or Seconds products are sold as is and as such are non-refundable. We cannot be held responsible for general wear and tear or colour variations.

  8. Carpet pile may become slightly crushed during the transporting and storage and this will show as shaded bands across the pile. This is not an installation or manufacturing fault. These will disappear as the carpet settles with regular use and vacuuming.

  9. Characteristics are specific to each manufactured product. Each product is indicative to its own manufactured materials and processes. Piddingtons cannot be held responsible for these individual processes or materials and processes.

  10. Products react, wear and change over time indicative of its internal components. Piddingtons cannot be responsible for changes.

  11. Product characteristics for each product are different therefore carry different warranties directly from the manufacturer.

  12. It is the customers responsibility to ensure manufacturers product meets the customers’ requirements.

  13. Product characteristics and failures can directly impact installation outcomes. Piddingtons take no responsibility for these failures. Please refer to manufacturer warranties.

  14. Install products required have odours. While Piddingtons uses low odour products there may be still a residual smell. To minimise impact of odours, ensure the area is well ventilated during and post installation.

  15. Please feel free to discuss any unclear points in these Terms and Conditions if necessary.  

9 Warranties and Guarantees

  1. Guarantees cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law.

  2. We reserve the right to repair, replace or refund if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality.

  3. All goods installed by Piddingtons received a 12-month guarantee.

  4. The customer must not misuse the goods or use the good other than manufactured purposes otherwise the warranty will be voided.

  5. Piddingtons cannot give 12-month installation guarantee on products that are purchased as supply only. Supply only warranties are voided if installed by non-accredited installers.

  6. Manufacturers warranties are solely upheld by the manufacturers and in no way upheld by Piddington Carpets. Piddingtons will only use the manufacturers warranties or recommendations as a guide and can in no way agree and disagree with their findings.

  7. To lodge a warranty claim the customer must contact Piddington Carpets via writing or email where goods were originally purchased with the original sale receipt or other documentation that confirms proof of purchase.

  8. Visible merchandise damage or any home damage must be reported to our office immediately by phone and in writing within 24 hours of delivery or installation. This excludes Act of God damage or unavoidable installations damage.

  9. Regular maintenance of the flooring is important. The customer needs to familiarise themselves with the manufacturers care and cleaning guides. Under no circumstances should steam mops be used on floating flooring, PH neutral products are recommended for cleaning.

  10. Piddingtons, manufacturers and install teams will not warrant floating floors that have had kitchens, wardrobes and other fixtures installed on top post flooring installation.

  11. The guarantee in clause 9.3 does not apply to the following:

  • Wear and tear caused by normal usage, including but not limited to: flattening, matting, shredding, pilling and shading.

  • Seconds and remnants when sold as such.

  • Obvious and non-obvious manufacturing faults not brought to Piddingtons attention immediately.

  •  Peaking seam/joins which may occur in some carpets under certain light conditions. This is not a fault in the carpet installation.

  • Cut pile carpets are subject to shading, tracking and water marking. This is not a manufacturing fault but a characteristic of all cut pile carpets.

  • Timber colour changes over time and may vary from board to board. Piddingtons cannot guarantee the grain, knots, veins, texture and colour variations will match the sample board.

  • Samples are a smaller representation of product being purchased. Variations in colour, pile, grain, knots and texture are to be expected.

    1. Product characteristics and failures can directly impact the installation outcomes. Piddingtons take no responsibility for these failures. Please refer to manufacturers warranties.

    2. Manufacturing and installation warranties cover the total areas, products and processes invoiced to the customer; however, the manufacturers and Piddington are only obligated to rectify the affected area in warranty claim. Claims can be made only on invoiced areas, products and processes.

    3. Piddington Carpets are not responsible for third party charges e.g. reports, inspections, other trades, good or services.

    4. Second-hand goods, seconds and imperfect products are also covered by a guarantee, but age, price and condition must be taken into account.

    5. Our goods come with nonexcludable guarantees under the ACL, such as that we are the rightful owner, the goods are reasonably fit for their purpose, are not damaged and match any description or sample. You are entitled to a refund, repair or replacement for a major failure.

    6. These rights are separate from any manufacturer’s warranty. Our services come with nonexcludable guarantees under the ACL that they will be provided with due care and skill and be reasonably fit for their purpose. You are entitled to a refund or the re-supply of the services for a major failure.

    7. Please feel free to discuss any unclear points in these Terms and Conditions if necessary.  

10 Conditions of Entry

  1. CCTV is used throughout the Piddington Carpets premises. Images will be shared with police and crime prevention should the need arise.

  2. Smoking, vaping and using e-cigarettes are not permitted within Piddington Carpets premises.

  3. Public entry to the warehouse is not permitted without consent from Piddington Carpets.

  4. Piddingtons reserves the right to refuse entry to warehouse to customers who are not wearing enclosed footwear.

  5. With the exclusion of service animals, pets are not permitted within Piddingtons warehouse or showroom.

  6. Abusive or disrespectful behaviour towards our team members will not be tolerated, you will be asked to leave the premise. Our team have the right to a safe working environment.

  7. Customer access is not permitted to the warehouse whilst machinery is in use.

  8. Piddingtons accepts no responsibility for damage to personal property while collecting stock from the warehouse e.g. vehicles, trailers etc. including loading trucks or trailers with the forklift.

  9. Piddingtons accepts no responsibility for personal injury while on site collecting stock in the warehouse e.g. sorting used carpet tiles, lifting/loading stock into your vehicles.

Wal Piddington Carpets Pty Ltd T/s Piddington Carpets – 74 Broadmeadow Road Broadmeadow, NSW 2292.                02 49558749             

ABN: 34 059 737 003                                         Bank Details: NAB – BSB 082514 ACC – 528715661

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