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Carpet Care

Regular Vacuuming

Once your carpet is laid, vacuum lightly and frequently in the first week to remove surface lint and dust. Continue to vacuum at least weekly to remove soil and grit. The quick removal of soil will reduce abrasive forces on the pile fibre. In heavy traffic areas, slow repeated vacuum strokes over the same area of carpet may be necessary. Always vacuum first against the natural direction of pile lay as this will slightly lift the pile and help unsettle and remove dirt and grit. When finishing, vacuum in the direction of pile lay to achieve a uniform finish.

Vacuum cleaners

There are two major types of vacuum cleaners. Upright cleaners are particularly good as they usually incorporate a pile agitator such as a beater bar or revolving bristle strip that lifts the pile and facilitates the removal of dirt and grit. However, exercise care as over-use can cause damage to the pile surface.

Carpet cleaning: professional services

It is advisable to have your carpet professionally cleaned about every 18 months. Professional cleaning will revitalise your carpet and remove soil and other matter that has settled beyond the reach of routine cleaning methods. We suggest you use a company recommended by the carpet manufacturer or a company who is a member of a professional association.

Spot cleaning: do it yourself

It is important to act quickly to remove spillage before it penetrates into the carpet fibres and pile. In the case of spills, remove excess spillage immediately by first scraping any solids and blotting liquid with an absorbent material. Use a spoon or blunt knife to remove the bulk of semi-solids or greasy substances and follow this by blotting. Always begin at the outer edge and work towards the centre of the stained area using a blotting or dabbing motion. After most of the spill has been absorbed, place a fresh pile of paper towels over the area and place a flat weight on them NEVER RUB A STAIN. If necessary, follow these actions with a spot remover.

Hot water injection and extraction (steam cleaning)

Hot water extraction cleaning is generally recognised as the best way to revitalise and deep clean your carpet. As a general guideline, steam cleaning should be carried out at 18 month intervals, depending on the wear and use of the carpet. Injection cleaning and extraction machines should only be used by a skilled professional. If not performed properly, a carpet can be over saturated which can permanently distort the carpet pile and backing materials.

Maximise the life of your carpet

Despite the traffic it endures day after day, carpet will still look good after many years with the correct maintenance.


A few hints to extend the life of your carpet

Vacuum at least weekly and have your carpet professionally cleaned by hot water extraction cleaning (steam cleaning) about every 18 months. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner. Not only will it clean the carpet more effectively but many of today’s vacuum cleaners incorporate fine and multi-filter systems to safely remove the finest particles. Treat spillage immediately. While today’s carpets have been designed to release many common household stains, there are always exceptions. Don’t use soap, ammonia, washing soda or any of the strong household cleaning agents intended for use on hard surfaces. Use furniture cups under chairs, tables and sofa legs. Periodically relocate your furniture to evenly distribute carpet wear. Place rugs or carpet protectors in heavy areas of traffic to protect carpet from excessive localised wear. Ask your retailer to match a quality underlay with the quality of your carpet. Although you don’t see the underlay, the carpet and underlay are designed to work together as a complete flooring system. Place barrier mats outside doorways to trap dirt from shoes. Remember to clean these mats regularly.

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